Write That Cartoon Caption, Win Power On Software Stuff

PCWeenies.com is now holding a cartoon caption contest. Goodies from Power On Software are the reward for the winners. According to PCWeenies.com:

PCWeenies.com is proud to announce its 9th "PCWeenies Cartoon Caption Contest", sponsored by Power On Software and RoadTools.

First place and runner-up prizes will be awarded for the most humorous, inventive, and unusual caption for this weekis cartoon. Prizes have been donated by Power On Software, makers of Now-Up-to-Date and Contact and RoadTools, makers of the famous CoolPad? and CoolPad Podium?.

The contest will extend to Monday, March 12th, with the winners and the winning caption entries announced on Tuesday, March 13th.For more information, please visit our website at:

You can find more information about the contest at the PCWeenies Web site.