Write Track Media Updates Desktop Assistant With Menu Bar Accessing

Write Track Media has released an update for Desktop Assistant, bringing it to version 1.0.1. Desktop Assistant is a utility toolkit designed to assist a user in a variety of ways including database access and navigation. The update features menu bar tool access and other enhancements. According to Write Track Media:

Write Track Media announced the immediate release of a maintenance update to their popular personal automation toolkit Desktop Assistant.

Desktop Assistant is a sophisticated utility application for MacOS X that is designed to assist users in a variety of different ways. Itis primary functions are to assist users when accessing databases, performing complex database searches, navigating or routing files to favorite server locations, as well as containing quick access to any number of AppleScript tools.

Desktop Assistant is the ultimate toolkit that can be customized and expanded to better suit your individual needs.

This update doesnit only fix a couple of bugs it also boasts some exciting new features.

Most notably, it automatically integrates all installed toolkits with Appleis "Script" menu in the menu bar. This gives users the ability to use tools from within any applications - directly from the menu bar!

The "Create Folders from Template" tool in the Finder toolkit no longer stores a useris folder templates within the applicationis folder structure finalizing the implementation of multi-user compatibility.

Other new features streamline communication between the program and tool modules in preparation for the forthcoming developer kit.

You can find more information about the Desktop Assistant update at the Write Track Media Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.50.