Wumpus 2.0 Released: Mac OS X Support Included

Codenautics Software has announced the release of the new and improved Wumpus. This latest build is numbered 2.0 and fixes a few naughty bugs, improves the graphics, and adds native support for Mac OS X. According to Codenautics Wumpus is:

A well-known and beloved denizen of MacOS since 1999, the legendary Wumpus has recently been spotted in the caverns of OS X. As a field worker for the local zoological society, you must capture the elusive beast armed only with your senses, your wits, and one tranquilizer dart. Itis a job that requires both luck and skill -- not always successful, but always fun.

Wumpus is freeware, and can be downloaded directly from the Wumpus home page.