XDarwin Update Features Jag Compatibility

SourceForge.net has released an update for the XDarwin installer based on version of XFree86. XDarwin is an open source development tool designed for cross-platform networking. The latest version features performance enhancements including Jaguar support and bug fixes. According to SourceForge.net:

Today a major update to XDarwin was made available online. An XDarwin installer based on the version of XFree86 is immediately available for users of Mac OS X 10.2, popularly referred to as Jaguar. This release contains both bug fixes and a compatibility update so that all components will now work with Jaguar. The update is recommended for all users of XFree86 on Darwin/Mac OS X.

Bug fixes in this release include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A new xterm binary is provided for Jaguar users
  • an XDarwin crash on dual processor machines has been fixed
  • libXt is now a flat namespace image
  • Fixed reading uninitialized memory in libXaw
  • A new libGLU is provided for compatibility with gcc 3.1 on Jaguar
  • Rootless and full screen modes are fully supported on Jaguar

You can find more information about the XDarwin update at the SourceForge.net Web site. The XDarwin package is available for US$49.95, upgrades are available for US$24.95.