XDarwin Updated With Jaguar Compatibility, Bug Fixes

XDarwin.org has released an update for XDarwin, the X11 server for Mac OS X. XDarwin allows users to run open source software from within Mac OS X, without having the code ported. It also allows Mac OS X users to work with and manage other Linux and *nix systems from their Mac. The new release brings Jaguar compatibility to the software, as well as bug fixes. From XDarwin.org:

Today a major update to XDarwin was made available online. An XDarwin installer based on the version of XFree86 is immediately available for users of Mac OS X 10.2, popularly referred to as Jaguar. This release contains both bug fixes and a compatibility update so that all components will now work with Jaguar. The update is recommended for all users of XFree86 on Darwin/Mac OS X.

Bug fixes in this release include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A new xterm binary is provided for Jaguar users.
  • an XDarwin crash on dual processor machines has been fixed.
  • libXt is now a flat namespace image.
  • Fixed reading uninitialized memory in libXaw.
  • A new libGLU is provided for compatibility with gcc 3.1 on Jaguar.
  • Rootless and full screen modes are fully supported on Jaguar.

What is XDarwin?
As an implementation of the X11 protocol, XDarwin is network-transparent, making it a valuable tool for working with Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and other unix environments. With XDarwin it is possible to configure software to run on other computers, running various operating systems across the network, but to display their results in real time on Mac OS X. In addition, XDarwin enables a broad range of open source applications to run directly on MacOS X, for example, the multimedia tool xmms, the GIMP graphics software, ethereal network analysis toolset.

You can find more information on this release of XDarwinis at the XDarwin.org Web site. The product is priced at US$49.95, but those who have purchased earlier versions can get the upgrade for US$24.95. The group also offers unlimited use beta and advance-release copies. You can find developer-specific information at the site, as well.