XLR8YourMac Reports Possible SoundBlaster Live! Shipping Date

XLR8YourMac.com reported this past Friday that SoundBlaster Live! for the Mac may be shipping soon. The information came from a post XLR8YourMacis forums from someone claiming to be a CreativeLabs employee. That post was subsequently deleted, but we can all hope. From XLR8YourMac:

"Good news folks! You heard it here first.

It appears that, BARRING ANY UNFORSEEN, LAST MINUTE DISASTERS, weill be packing boxes late next week and shipping shortly thereafter!

Itis sounding *really* good, and Iim quite pleased with its audio enhancements on both my G4-350 and my old PM9600. This thing with a set of Cambridge FPS2000 digital speakers sounds awesome.

Thanks for all of your support. I still think this is the best thing to happen to Macintosh audio in a long time. Certainly at the price point. Enjoy, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!"

You can find the original post at XLR8YourMac.