XLR8 InterView 3.0 Now Shipping

Daystar Technology has released a new version of XLR8 InterView, bringing it to version 3.0. XLR8 InterView is a utility designed for importing video via the InterView video device. The latest release features an iMovie like interface and support for ArcSoftis Video Impression. According to EchoFX:

Daystar Technology, a leading Macintosh Technology Integrator, has expanded the XLR8 USB Video Capture technology to deliver higher quality, and new functionality from its award winning XLR8 InterView Video Capture product.

Combining technologies from XLR8, iRez, ArcSoft and EchoFX, Daystar has expanded InterView for multiple device support. For ease of use, Daystar has added the ArcSoft VideoImpression (v1) editing and capture application. VideoImpression provides an iiMoviei like interface for use in Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows XP.

XLR8 InterView 3.0 includes all the hardware and software any user needs to grab video/audio from any normal camera, recorder or deck. It is also excellent for Webcam and security camera applications. Its universal drivers support a wide range of applications and allow multiple cameras on the same system (one Interview for each camera).

You can find more information about the latest XLR8 InterView release at the Daystar Technology Web site. The XLR8 InterView is available for US$89.00.