XLR8 Offers 2 For 1 Upgrade Deal...Sort Of

Getting into the holiday spirit, XLR8 is offering a major price reduction on their MACh Carrier 466 upgrade card. The MACh Carrier allows users to upgrade older Macs by placing a daughter-card carrying upgrade into the machine, allowing for the upgrade to be upgraded. The card also allows clever users to upgrade two computers for the price of one. According to XLR8:

XLR8 earlier this month announced a price re-alignment across the award winning upgrade and USB product range.

Today it is pleased to offer its customers special pricing on one of the worldis most highly rated G3 Upgrades. These price specials are offered for a limited time through our normal sales outlets.

The special pricing covers our International award winning Carrier Zif product combined with a 466Mhz processor, known as a Mach Carrier G3/466/233/1 it allows the user to upgrade a 7300-9600 class machine, or to upgrade 2 machines with the one product. Users who have Beige or Blue & White G3 and a 7300-9600 machine can take advantage of our exclusive ability to upgrade two machines for the price of one. Simply remove the new 466Zif (from the carrier) to upgrade their G3, and then place the older Zif onto the Carrier card for installation into a 7300-9600 class machine? simple!

"This special pricing together with the 2in1 upgrade offer XLR8 customers an outstanding solution for their ageing Macs." David Marsden, National Sales Manager said, "The 466Mhz G3 MACh Carrier is one of out most popular upgrades, we just wanted to make it an even better deal, after all as we say at XLR8? faster is always better"

The G3 MACh Carrier is available for the special price of US$399. You can find more information at the XLR8 web site.