XLR8 Updates MACh Speed Control Utility

XLR8 has updated their MACh Speed Control utility for their G3/G4 upgrade cards. The MACh Speed Control software allows upgrade card users to easily configure their systems, allowing them to get the best performance out of their machine. The latest version, 2.0.2, offers improved AltiVec performance for G4 cards. According to XLR8:

XLR8, the award winning leader of Macintosh upgrade and expansion products today released the latest version of its award winning processor control software - MACh Speed Control 2.0.2. This release works with Mac OS 7.5.5 to 9.1. The new version includes improved layout and usability features, improved "architecturally accurate" graphics, multiprocessing support, thermal monitoring, accurate memory interleaving displays, and enhanced AltiVec support for G4 processors.

"This is the latest version of the most compatible, and therefore the best, software available for controlling PowerPC processors on the Mac. No other upgrade manufacturer comes close to the overall features of the MACh Speed Control software, but the new enhanced AltiVec support is the killer. Our implementation of the iVelocity Enginei or AltiVec support for both single and dual processors is without equal. This software guarantees youill get the best performance today, and still have the option to use your MACh Speed G4 ZIF MPe processors to upgrade to multiprocessing tomorrow," said Jack Kolk, VP and General Manager of XLR8.

The MACh Speed Control software is available for free for users of XLR8is upgrade cards. You can find more information at the XLR8 Web site.