XLR8 Updates USB Video Capture QT 6 Support

XLR8 has released an update for its USB video capture card, InterView. The new software for the card adds supports for the preview release of QuickTime 6. The release also includes a license for QuickTime Pro. From XLR8:

XLR8 is now shipping the latest upgrade to the Mac industryis leading video capture solution -- InterView 2.1. This new upgrade to the InterView 2.0 w/ OSX support package provides full optimization for the public preview of QuickTime 6, and the new QuickTime 6 Broadcaster, delivering the ability for users to get professional quality MPEG-4 streaming, even in low-bandwidth situations.

InterView 2.1 Optimized for OSX and QuickTime 6 - Highlighted Features

  • Exclusive OS X & QuickTime 6 Compatibility: The award-winning device is the only solution that allows users to capture, edit and display video via USB in OS X and delivery via MPEG-4 using QuickTime 6 Broadcaster.
  • QuickTime Pro Included: The upgrade includes Appleis QuickTime Pro 5 (key) allowing full editing directly in QuickTime Player, and a variety of export and video conversion functions. A $30 value.
  • iMovie DV Support for Analog Video: InterView includes a drag and drop (AppleScript) application for converting the captured analog video to DV format for use in Appleis iMovie application.

There are two version of InterView 2.0: one with Mac OS X support, called "InterView 2.0 w/ OS X Support," and one just called InterView 2.0. For owners of the version with Mac OS X support, version 2.1 of the software can be downloaded from XLR8is Web site.

For owners of the non-Mac OS X version, or version 1.x, XLR8 tells us they have to modify the device for you, which the company is charging US$24.95 for. This update includes support for Mac OS X, and is only being offered to customers in the US.

You can find more information on the update at XLR8is Web site.