XLR8 Updates Upgrade Card Software For Mac OS X 10.1

XLR8 has released an update to MACh Speed Control, bringing the software to version 2.6.0. MACh Speed Control is used by XLR8is upgrade cards, and the company says that the update is required to make the hardware compatible with Mac OS X 10.1. From XLR8:

Today XLR8, the leading manufacturer of multiprocessor upgrades and expansion products, has released the latest revision of their cache enabling and PowerPC processor optimization software MACh Speed Control 2.6.0. The software is required for users wishing to run Mac OS X revision 10.1 with caches enabled and the Velocity Engine optimized.

In addition to OS X 10.1 compatibility, MACh Speed Control 2.6 adds thermal monitoring of PowerPC G3 and G4 processors while running under OS X, improved stability, and enhanced Velocity Engine support.

As with MACh Speed Control 2.5.0, the software requires a valid XLR8 serial number to install. XLR8 customers who purchased their upgrade after January 2000 received serial number with their cards.  Other users of XLR8 or 3rd party upgrades may obtain a serial number for $14.95 by purchasing it online at http://www.xlr8.com/snb. Customers need to make certain they have a valid XLR8 serial number prior to installing the software on their system.

Users who have installed MACh Speed Control 2.5 do not need to input their serial number as the update will search the hard drive for their serial number.  All registered users of XLR8 processor upgrades were e-mailed their serial numbers in July 2001. Users who have lost their serial numbers and have previously registered on XLR8 Web site can obtain them by searching XLR8’s product registration database at http://www.xlr8.com/snl.

This version of the MACh Speed Control software contains full dual processor (Mach Carrier G4 MPe or the MACh Velocity G4 MPe) support for OS X 10.0.4 only. Multiprocessing support for OS X 10.1 will be included in MACh Speed Control 3.0 to be released in October.

Mach Speed Control 2.5 does not offer dual processor support for the Mach Carrier G4 MPe or the MACh Velocity G4 MPe under Mac OS X 10.1 and should not be used with the dual-processor Mach Velocity under OS X 10.1.

You can find more information and download links for the update at XLR8is Web site.