XML Editor Oxygen 4.0 Now Shipping

SyncoRO Soft has released a new v ersion of <oxygen/> XML Editor, bringing it to version 4.0. <oxygen/> XML Editor is an editing utility designed for Web development. The latest release features numerous enhancements including multiple XSLT debugging support and new viewing options. According to SyncoRO:

We are glad to announce the release of the <oXygen/> XML Editor, version 4.0.

Version 4 of <oXygen/> XML Editor improves further the usability and adds new features, the most important one being a full featured XSLT debugger in the standalone version.

New in <oXygen/> XML Editor 4.0:

  • Debugging perspective
  • Multiple XSLT engine support for debugging
  • Full control over the debugging process
  • Pause the debugger execution with breakpoints
  • Call stack debugger view
  • Trace history debugger view
  • XPath watch debugger view
  • Debugger support for imported/included stylesheets and for XML entities
  • Templates debugger view
  • Variables debugger view
  • Dynamic output generation during debugging
  • Multiple debugger output views
  • Docbook with XInclude support
  • and more...

You can find more information about the latest <oxygen/> XML Editor release at the <oxygen/> XML Editor home page. <oxygen/> XML Editor is available starting at US$74.00.