XML Editor Oxygen Updated With Interface Mods

SyncoRO Soft has released a new version of <oxygen/> XML Editor, bringing it to version 2.0.1. <oxygen/> XML Editor is an editing utility designed for Web development. The update features interface mods and bug fixes. According to SyncoRO:

We are glad to announce the release of the <oXygen/> XML Editor, version 2.0.1.

<oXygen/> XML editor supports XML, XSD, XSL, DTD. <oXygen/> brings together the top todayis technologies Java and XML. With a powerful Code-Insight and a flexible approach to XML editing it allows users to manage all XML related documents.

This minor release fixes several bugs and adds a series of user interface improvements.

New in <oXygen/> XML Editor 2.0.1:

  • Fixed a performance problem on Mac OS X, Java 1.4.1
  • Better navigation shortcuts on Mac OS X
  • Corrected Undo/Redo
  • Open the XSL/FO transformation result in the default browser
  • Fixed the Code-Insight failure when using XML Catalogs
  • Additional schemes for XSL editing are included immediately in Code-Insight
  • Updated the Docbook stylesheets
  • Fixed a memory leak and performance issues

You can find more information about the latest <oxygen/> XML Editor release at the <oxygen/> XML Editor home page. <oxygen/> XML Editor 2.0.1 is available starting at US$74.00.