XO Releases New Game For iPod

So, youire on a long flight, and while you have your entire music collection digitally tucked away in your iPod, you still yearn for something else to stimulate the synapses. As you play yet another game of Solitaire on your iPod you wish there was some other game you could play.

As luck would have it, the folks at XO Play had the same idea, and theyive developed a text adventure game exclusively for the iPod called The Rise of the Lost.

From the XO Play press release:

XO Play today launched their first long awaited game for the iPod. iThe Rise Of The Losti is an adventure story game. It puts you in the role of Sir Jacob Zaviour. Your mission is to travel through lands and fight the evil Wizard Sazque. As you read through the adventure you will be asked to choose your destiny by selecting from a number of options found at the bottom of the page. Similar to the ichoose-your-own-adventurei series.


The game costs $9.99 is played via the notes section of your iPod.

You can find more information on the iPod game at XO Playis Web site.