XPod: The iPod Coming To A Windows Machine Near You

A company called Mediafour has announced what it is calling XPod, a software product that the company says will allow the iPod to work with a Windows machine. XPod is not available yet, but the company says it will be releasing a beta version of the software "soon." Mediafouris other product is MacDrive, a software package that makes it possible for Windows boxes to read Mac formatted removable media. From Mediafouris XPod Web page:

What is XPod?

If youive seen the fabulous new Apple iPod, you are probably in agreement with all of the reviewers who are impressed by it, and some who proclaim it the best personal MP3 player ever to hit the market.

You are probably also as surprised as the reviewers are that the iPod doesnit work with Windows!

Here at Mediafour, cross-platform computing is what we do best, so weire readying an inexpensive new software package called XPod, which will make the iPod work with Windows Me, 98, 95, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

A public beta version is coming soon.  All youill need is an iPod and a Windows computer with a FireWire port.

Want to know the moment the XPod beta is available?  Just type in your e-mail address below, and weill let you know.

Rest assured that weill use these e-mail addresses only to inform people about XPod, and never for anything else.  If you give us your e-mail address below, weill use it for just this one purpose.  Guaranteed.

Have a question that just canit wait?  Feel free to e-mail us.

You can find this information at Mediafouris Web site. Thanks to Observer Ed M. for the heads up on this.