X Overload Updated With A Fix For Crashing Bug

The team that makes X Overload, formerly Extension Overload, have announced a bug fix update. X Overload is designed to be a one-stop shop for managing Apple Menu Items, contextual menu plugins, control panels, and other Classic System Folder items from within Mac OS X. The app also allows you to manage similar System resources for Mac OS X itself. The new 1.0.2 release fixes one specific bug. From the makers of X Overload:

X Overload is an application that allows user to manage items in Classic system folder and library folders in Mac OS X.

X Overload allows user to manage Apple Menu Items, Contextual Menu Items, Control Panels, Control Strips Modules, Extensions, Fonts, Startup Items, Internet Plug-ins located inside Classic system folder. As for Mac OS X, X Overload allows you to manage Contextual Menu Items, Fonts, Preference files, Preference Panes, Services, Screen Savers located in the library folders in Mac OS X. X Overload provide a one-stop interface allowing you to manage those items with detail information of more than 7000 items so that you can activate and deactivate them easily to tailor your system to your current requirement.

X Overload v1.0.2 fixed a crash when iPreference Panei is selected.

You can get more information and download links on the product at the X Overload Web site. The update is free to registered owners, and the full version is priced at US$20.