X To Ship With 3 CDs & Pre-Orders May Be Delivered On Saturday

There have been some recent forum posts and other discussion on the Mac OS X shipping dates and the very contents of the Mac OS X box itself. On the confirmable side, we have received several e-mails to the effect that people are seeing their FedEx shipments on Mac OS X pre-orders changed to "Fed Ex Saturday Delivery," suggesting that pre-orders will be delivered on Saturday. Thatis the official release date of the new OS, and many Observers had been concerned about receiving their copies *after* people were able to pick them up in retail stores. Other reports from two weeks ago suggested that some people might get theirs as early as March 21st, the day that Apple will be hosting an Event. This e-mail came in from a reliable source who otherwise wishes to remain anonymous.

A friend of mine and I just checked our respective orders for Mac OS X, and "FedEx" shipping has been upgraded to "FED EX SATURDAY DELIVERY". It looks like Apple wants to get this into peopleis hands on D-Day, after all.

On an entirely different level as far as confirmability goes, we have had a couple of posts in our Mac OS X forum concerning what you will get inside the box. In case we arenit being clear here, we have no way of confirming this and we have not seen the box for ourselves. Nonetheless, Observer Justin says that there will be three CDs in the box; one for Max OS X, one for Mac OS 9.1 (to run as Classic), and one that includes developer tools. According to Justinis post:

FYI: OS X, Mac OS 9.1, and the OS X developer tools will be included in the box of Mac OS X. This may have been known for awhile, but it is the first Iive heard it confirmed.

Observer Eric adds to this (equally unconfirmable) by saying he has seen a box being opened.