Xupport Updated With Revised Browser

Computer Support has released an update for Xupport, bringing it to version 2.2. Xupport is a configuration utility designed to provide GUI for manual configuration. The update adds several enhancements including a revised browser and bug fixes. According to Computer Support:

Xupport 2.2 released.

The "Swiss Army Knife" for Mac OS X. Xupport is a graphical user interface to configure many hidden Mac OS X and Unix options. It provides many functions to maintain, optimize, backup, clean, hack, enhance and secure Mac OS X.

New in Xupport 2.2:

  • New: Show Xupport in menu bar
  • New: Toolbar shows selection
  • Browser completely revised
  • Fixed window sizes when clicking "resize" button (Output, Man, Firewall)
  • New Xupport shortcuts (Preferences, Toolbar, Password, Windows)
  • Some code and scripts optimizations
  • Some minor bug fixes (Output window)
  • Un-installer available

You can find more information about the Xupport update at the Computer Support Web site. Xupport 2.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$20.00.