YSpeak Update From STAZ

STAZ Software, Inc. has released an update for YSpeak, bringing it to version 1.3. YSpeak is designed for users with speech or motor disabilities by assisting communication. The update features several performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to STAZ Software:

STAZ Software, Inc., makers of the modern, fast FutureBASIC^3 for the Mac OS, are pleased to announce a free update to YSpeak, an enabling tool for the disabled.

YSpeak is a free computer program for speech- and motor-disabled users. It is designed to assist communication in a variety of ways and reduces user input to a minimum.


  • command-a now works for select all
  • command key for auto complete word switched from command-a to command-;
  • opening and closing the help window could cause a crash
  • the predict window sometimes ended up offscreen
  • command-up and -down arrow no longer changes the sound volume. These routines were unstable and have therefore been eliminated
  • the code was tightened in many areas to keep it up to date and insure stability

You can find more information about the YSpeak update at the STAZ Software, Inc. Web site. YSpeak 1.3 is available as freeware.