Yale Daily News: Mac Presence Grows at Yale

At Yale, the Platform Wars are back, or at least given new relevance in todayis computing market, according to an article published in Yale Daily News, the student-run newspaper for Yale University. Reporter Daniel Holevoet wrote that Appleis recent resurgence as a brand, and the subsequent rise in Mac sales, has resulted in an increased Mac presence at Yale University with 20 percent of students and 33 percent of faculty using Macs.

"With a reinvented, cutting-edge operating system and a cool, sleek design, Apple is clawing its way to technological equality on campus," wrote Mr. Holevoet. "Products like iPod and iTunes have transformed the Apple brand into a status symbol as much as a technological tool."

According to the article, several factors have contributed to this rise in Mac popularity, including Mac OS Xis Unix foundation, the phenomenon of iPod and iTunes, and the adware and virus problems that so many Windows users have experienced in recent years.

The full article looks at some specific students who have chosen Mac, Windows, or Linux, and why they made their choices. In addition, the article examines how and where Linux has become popularity on the Yale campus.