Yasu Updated With Expanded Admin Functions

Jim Mitchell Designs has released an update for Yasu, bringing it to version 0.6.2. Yasu is a utility designed for large workstation group maintenance. The update features improved Jaguar support and expanded admin functions. According to Jim Mitchell Designs:

Jim Mitchell Designs has released an updated version of its useful Mac OSX maintenance utility "Yasu".

Designed to be a quick first line of defense for solving OSX related issues, Yasu has been developed with System Administrators who service large groups of workstations in mind, enabling them to perform a specific group of maintenance tasks quickly within a few clicks, rather than endlessly typing shell script commands in the Terminal app.

The latest version of Yasu adds the ability for non-administrator accounts to clear the user specific caches under their own login and solves an issue related to blank administrator passwords under Jaguar (OS X 10.2).

You can find more information about the Yasu update at the Jim Mitchell Designs Web site. Yasu is available as donationware.

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