Yellow Lemon Releases New Network Utility

Yellow Lemon Software has released a new app for Mac users, Desktop Transporter 1.0.0. Desktop Transporter is a utility designed for network file sharing. The app ships with support for connection previews and attached displays. According to Yellow Lemon Software:

Yellow Lemon Software released Desktop Transporter 1.0.0 today, an application that makes sharing your desktop with others, or yourself, very easy.

Only a single click is required to share your desktop with other Macs on your local-area network. Using Rendezvous to discover shared desktops, it provides you with the ability to preview shared desktops before connecting to them.

Desktop Transporter fully supports any number of attached displays, and reconfigures itself on the fly to detect changes to your display configuration. Naturally, you may protect access to your desktop using a password, and a number of configuration options allow you to select the performance level best suited for your network. You can also view and control multiple desktops from different Macs on one Mac.

You can find more information about the Desktop Transporter release at the Yellow Lemon Software Web site. Desktop Transporter is available for US$15.00.