Puts A New Version On Its Agenda has updated their personal note taking/task management application, Agenda, to version 2.0. Agenda now allows people to record notes as text rather than as voice input, allowing for a far greater number of reminders to be stored. However, Agendais now takes advantage of Appleis Text-to-Speech technology to still dictate the current dayis events each morning. These are just a sample of the changes in the completely revamped program. According to Mr. Yenco:

The Agenda 2 uses a new text-based data entry system. The amount of disk space used for text storage is next to nothing compared to audio files. Text can easily be edited to quickly remove and add new data for any given day and the text based system eliminates the third and fourth concerns entirely. To view, add, edit, or remove text, just option-click on that day in the calendar. But people liked the play back of their reminders for the day when they opened Agenda, and liked clicking on an underlined day and hearing their reminder... what about that?

The Agenda now uses Apple Text-To-Speech technology to read off the current date and your events for the day when you open it. You can also click on any underlined day in your calendar and the Agenda will read off that dayis events as well. Now for those of you who would prefer a quiet solution, we made this feature an option that can easily be turned off. When speaking is turned off, all it takes is a click to view, add, edit, or remove text.

But we didnit stop working on the data entry system there. We looked at the Date & Time control panel aware calendar interface itself. Did the users have concerns about the calendar? Yes. The display and updating of the calendar was slow. Some users wanted to jump ahead or back several months or years, and clicking on the forward or back arrow multiple times waiting for the calendar to catch up was just not cutting it.

We found a way to improve the calendar display and update speed, but even with the faster speed clicking a button several times to get somewhere didnit seem like the best option. So we came up with something new. We turned the month and year display between the navigation arrows into a button. When you click on the new button, a screen opens where you can select any month and enter any year, click a go button and you are almost instantly looking at a calendar for the month and year you selected. And there is one more thing. Letis say you jump ahead several months or years and want to quickly get back to the current month. Simply option-click the new button and this monthis calendar appears.

Agenda 2 is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Web site.