You Can Order Final Cut Pro 4 For Delivery On June 14th Release Day

Apple announced earlier today that Final Cut Pro 4 would be released sharply at 4:00 PM on June 14th (see TMOis full coverage for more information). For those who canit get to a store on the 14th, the Apple Store Hot Deals page is promoting an offer to have the product delivered to you on June 14th, taking a bringing-the-mountain-to-Mohammed approach. The company is covering the shipping costs, too. Appleis Hot Deals page says simply:

Order today for release day delivery, Saturday June 14th. FREE shipping is included.

If you click through on that offer, it takes you to an informational page for Final Cut Pro 4, where there is a "Buy now" button on the right side bar. That, in turn, takes you to a Final Cut Pro 4 page on the Apple Store itself, where you can add it to your cart. You can find the deal at the Apple Store Hot Deals page.