You Have Got OS X, Now Play Games With It!

Carrot Software has announced that their "Tetris-like" game, Shapes II, is now available. Shapes II combines some of the best aspects from a number of popular puzzle games, including the legendary Tetris. Best of all, Shapes II is Carbonized to run "natively" under Mac OS X. According to Carrot Software:

Carrot Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Shapes II. Shapes II is a new breed of puzzle game, combining ideas from well known classics such as Candy Crisis, Tetris, and Rubic cube together with new challenges.

Shapes II is a carbonized program that runs natively under OS X and OS Classic with the CarbonLib. So you download it now and play under OS 8/9 until your copy of OS X arrives this weekend and then you can switch over to playing in X.

Shapes II features 10 unique levels with custom 16-bit graphics, 4 musical tracks composed by Jens Nillson, and a 12-channel 16-bit sound FX engine.

With tons of options, and fully customizable preferences (keys, full screen vs window mode, to name a few), there is enough possiblities to get the newbies started and the UT pro interested.

You can find more information about Shapes II at the Carrot Software Web site.