You Worked How Many Hours? At How Much?

SpiritWorks Software Development has released a new version of their time and expense tracking software, Activity & Expense Tracker. Version 1.2 helps personal and small business users track billable hours and manage expenses. According to SpiritWorks Software:

Today, SpiritWorks Software Development released their improved project, activity and expense tracking system. Activity & Expense Tracker(TM) v1.2 helps self-employed professionals, or small businesses, to keep track of time and expenses spent on any number of projects.

Now writers, programmers or any consultant can easily record the amount of time they spend on specific activities and make notes on tasks and expenses. They can then quickly generate invoices and reports that can be printed or exported to word processing or spreadsheet programs.

New features in this version include: Quick Check - an instant report on the number of hours spent on a project or activity; the timer can now be paused and restarted any number of times; billable hours can be rounded off to the nearest quarter hour; invoice headers and footers that can be saved and imported for multiple clients.

Uses can customize background and button colors, time formats and even monetary symbols, making it useful in other countries besides the United States.

Activity & Expense Tracker works well for small businesses or work groups too. Each person keeps track of their own time and expenses, exports the data and sends it to an administrator, who imports them all, and then generates invoices, and time and expense reports.

Activity & Expense Tracker is available for US$35. You can find more information at the SpiritWorks Software Development web site.