Your Mac Life Offers "State Of The Mac" Look

Itis Wednesday, and that means itis time for another edition of Your Mac Life. Your Mac Life is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast about the Mac industry in the tradition of a radio talk show hosted by Shawn King. Mr. King will be offering a "State of the Mac" look at the platform and the industry with help from David Pogue. Stan Flack of MacMinute, and Richard Kerris, Appleis Director of Developer Technology, will also be on the show. From Your Mac Life:

Itis a new month and the beginning to a lovely Spring in Nashville (weekend Tornados notwithstanding!).

And with Appleis latest hardware announcements. What better time to take stock and look at the "State of the Mac".

On this weekis Your Mac Life, sponsored by Griffin Technology and Marathon Computer, Shawn talks to David Pogue, Columnist for the New York Times and Stan Flack, Publisher of about Apple and the Mac and where they are headed.

Richard Kerris, Appleis Director of Developer Technology will also be on the show to talk about OS X and WWDC, which kicks off with the Steve Jobs Keynote next Monday.

As always, Peter Cohen of MacCentral will have the latest in Mac Game news and Shawn is making final preparations for the new show focused on OS X, starting May 6th. It will be a pre-recorded 60 mins targeted at everyone interested in or actively using Mac OS X. Tune in tonight for more details!

The show will be filled out with your e-mails, phone calls and lots of prizes from Griffin Technology, Marathon Computer and!

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You can tune into the show by visiting the Your Mac Life Web site at 9:00 PM EDT.