Your Next Server Should Be UNIX Says The Daily Yomiuri

David Strom of the Daily Yomiuri believes UNIX is the best choice for a Web server. In a recent article titled, Unix still the most reliable Web server, Mr. Stom argues that Microsoftis NT OS variants just canit cut it as Web server for most people. He says:

While I run my own Web site on Microsoftis NT and Internet Information Server, I do so because I have a provider that can manage the NT update and patching process, and lock the server down as best they can. That is a skill that will take some time to acquire, and isnit for the casual computer user. Keeping up with patching NT or Windows 2000 isnit a simple matter, made more complex because Microsoft includes operating system updates as almost Trojans with its applications and server products such as IIS and Internet Explorer. Which do you patch first? What happens if you update IE before applying a service pack? This gets messy, and Microsoft is squarely to blame.

Mr. Strom points out that other commecially available servers, including Mac based Satr Nine are options also. From the artilce:

What about Macintoshes? Surely, they donit have the attack profile that Windows offers: most of the time, they are immune to the viruses and other infections that quickly gobble up Microsoft servers. And the premiere Mac Web server, StarNine, is a solid product. That is fine if you can make use of this capable server. But Unix offers plenty of choice. If you arenit happy with Apache, there are numerous other Web servers out there to choose from. The same can be said of Novellis Netware: while it does offer some Web-based capabilities, it is a single solution that locks you down a very narrow path.

The article is a good read for those considering setting up a Web server.