ZDNet Article Focuses On Microsoft's Mac Business Unit

ZDNet has published an article by Scott Hills called "Microsoft to Mac fans: Forget the past" that focuses on Microsoftis Mac Business Unit (MBU), and the relationship between Microsoft and Mac users. The article includes many comments from MBU general manager Kevin Browne, and directly goes to the heart of some of the many issues and myths that we Mac users have with the company. This includes such things as whether or not Microsoft only has the MBU as a soporific for the Justice Department. Some select quotes from the article:

"Our relationship with Apple has never been better," Kevin Browne, general manager of the "Mac B[usiness Unit]," said in a recent interview at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

"Bill Gates, by the way, is a huge Mac fan and he has a warm spot in his heart for the Mac platform, and it hurt him to see our customers suffering," Browne said.

"A couple of years ago it was a question of how committed is Microsoft to the Mac," said Mary Rose Becker, a group product manager who works on marketing. "I think weire past those days."

This is an excellent report, and we recommend you check it out.