ZDNet Columnist Predicts Apple's Death In 2004

iTis the season of bashing Apple again. We have noted this before, for instance, in the form of the misinformation piece Sam Jaffe at BusinessWeek earlier this week. ZDNet has joined in the fray with a moronic prediction from Paul Somerson in a piece called Walking Dead. This is part of a series on future trends from the site, and this segment has a subtitle of "Technologyis a lethal weapon. You may already be a casualty and not even know it."

The article lists what will be happening through the year 2071, and includes a prediction of Appleis death knell. According to the article:

2004: Apple
Watch for the big fire sale. Pretty designs and overpriced blue plastic can only get you so far.

Mr. Somerson also says that film will go away in 2007 and CRTs in 2009. He at least has that one right.