ZDNet Joins Rumor Sites, Says Apple Will Update iBooks, PowerBooks, Drop Prices

ZDNet has joined the Mac rumor sites in reporting that Apple will be updating the iBook and PowerBook product lines this Wednesday. ThinkSecret originally began reporting an impending update in October. ZDNet also says that Apple will be lowering the price of the iBook and PowerBook line by as much as US$200, and cites some momentary happenings on Appleis online Apple Store as evidence. From the article:

The Mac maker plans to drop prices by $200 across the iBook line, bringing the price of the entry-level model under $1,000, sources said. The new iBooks are also expected to be 100MHz faster than previous machines, sources said.

With the price drop and speed increase, the entry-level iBook will include a 700MHz chip and sell for US$990, while a model with a 12-inch screen and combination CD/DVD drive will come with a 800MHz processor and sell for US$1,299. A similar model with a 14-inch screen is expected to sell for US$1,599.

Appleis own Web site appeared to partially confirm reports from resellers early Monday. An advertisement on the Apple online store initially said iBooks start at US$999. A similar ad noted that PowerBooks start at US$2,299--US$200 lower than the current price for the low-end PowerBook.

On Monday afternoon, however, the text of the ads had changed to reflect Appleis current pricing structure for iBooks. The ad appears when a customer includes a new iBook or new PowerBook in their shopping cart. The small ad, located in the upper right-hand corner of the Web page, touts Appleis financing program.

You can find more information in the full story at ZDNet