ZDNet UK Erroneously States Apple Would Introduce Set-Top Box, Corrects Article

On Friday, ZDNet UK raised a few eyebrows when the site posted a story on Comdex that included a little tidbit about Apple. The article was about decreased attendance that is expected at that event, and included a short list of some of the new products that will be featured. Attributed to Apple was the following set-top box:

Appleis i2DVDBox combines Internet, DVD, MP3, and even interactive television technologies, all in one device. The i2DVDBox offers all the same features as a conventional DVD, including digital Dolby and composite and s-video outputs. The digital outputs are both optical and coaxial for compatibility with other home entertainment devices.

The actual company that is introducing this product is iDVDBox, inc., and the article was corrected this morning. The following correction notice was also added at the end of the article:

This text clarifies an earlier version of the story, which stated incorrectly that the I2DVDBox was made by Apple Computer. ZDNet UK apologises for the error.

Oops! You can read the full article at ZDNet UKis Web site.