ZDNet's Coursey Asks: Will MS Drop Apple Support?

David Coursey, ZDNetis Executive Editor and Anchor Editor, posed an interesting question recently: will Microsoft pull the plug on Apple? In his ZDNet article, Mr. Coursey explains that "pulling the plug" related to Microsoftis current agreement to support the Mac platform. Though that agreement will formally end this Summer, Mr. Coursey doesnit think the support will end, and hopes the level of support will increase. As Mr. Coursey puts it:

Microsoft also needs to promise--and this is what I am really hoping for--to do a better job of supporting core technologies such as .Net, as well as the user experience across the two platforms.

Mr. Coursey goes on to list several areas he believes need Microsoftis attention, and, in a statement which seems to give credence to a notion that he is beginning to prefer the Mac platform, Mr. Coursey said:

There are most definitely some function and feature differences between Mac Office and Office XP (no task panes on Mac, for example), but the Mac version is still a first-class product. In some ways, Iive grown to prefer Mac Office to Office XP, although itis hard to say why. In general, I find it difficult to compare my experiences with Mac OS to Windows XP. Itis like trying to explain why some people like redheads more than blondes--itis just personal preference.

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