ZDNet's David Coursey To Try A Mac For A Month

ZDNet columnist, David Coursey, has decided to see if he can operate on a Mac, running PC-free, for a month. Mr. Coursey, starting next week, will shun his PC and attempt to perform his computer centric daily routine exclusively on a Mac. Mr. Coursey writes:

So, beginning next Monday, subject to a couple of technical qualifiers Iill outline in a minute, I am going to go all Mac for a month. At the end of the process Iill write a detailed report, and between now and then Iill write an occasional log of my experiences.

Mr. Coursey decided to take the self imposed challenge after discovering some of the perks that many Mac users take for granted:

Yesterday, I was also trying to do a comparative review of the media features included with Windows XP versus the equivalent Mac software. After a few hours of mucking around with the different programs on the Mac, I noticed something: What I was looking at, more than anything, was the philosophical differences between the operating systems rather than actual differences in the feature sets. I kept expecting Mac apps to behave like Windows apps, and they didnit. But they were consistent in what they did do and how they performed.

These are a few caveats, but, David Coursey intends to see if he can "walk the walk" on a Mac. Take a read of Mr. Courseyis column now and in the coming weeks, which will detail his experiences in the coming weeks. Make sure you take the poll at the end of Mr. Courseyis column, then back over to TMOis Forums to discuss this.