ZephIR Joins The OS X Club With Prerelease Software

studioZee, the makers of the ZephIR universal custom remote control, performedthe first public demonstration of their Mac OS X software at this weekis MacWorldExpo. For those unfamiliar with the product, the ZephIR system consists of aninfrared transmitter/receiver and accompanying software that turns your Macinto a remote control on steroids.

The ZephIR Now for OS X

We were fortunate enough to have Mike Sims, one of the ZephIR creators, giveus a demonstration of their prerelease OS X software. We were able to successfullycreate a new remote control definition, teach it some keys from an actual remotecontrol, and then move to a screen where we could create our own graphical representationof a remote control. We then tried to create a remote control macro, when theprerelease nature of the software evidenced itself with an error message andthe program quitting. But this is to be expected from prerelease software, soweire sure this will be fixed in the final version.