LCedit Updated With New Tools And Bug Fixes

CDS advanced technology bv has released an update for LCedit+, bringing it to version 3.2. LCedit+ is a lighting editor app designed for use in theaters and museum environments. The update features several new enhancements including new path/pattern tools and bug fixes. According to CDS advanced technology bv:

CDS advanced technology bv announces the v3.2 release of LCedit+, the advanced LanBox lighting editor, for multiple platforms.

This new version of LCedit+ adds, besides bug fixes, many new features for the LanBox-LCX and LanBox-LCM. The most important feature is a path and pattern tool, which makes it now very easy to create paths for moving lights, and patterns for simple lights.

New features of LCedit+ v3.2:

  • Path and pattern tool added
  • Works now correctly on French/Belgium/Italian keyboards
  • Fixture(s) channel usage and current control channel(s) is indicated in the cuelist editor
  • Table data can be copy/pasted from/to spreadsheets
  • All know bugs/issues are solved
  • Duplicate library file error message
  • Protection for out-of-bounds presets
  • Tutorial updated for new features of v3.2

You can find more information about the LCedit+ update at the CDS advanced technology bv Web site. LCedit is available as freeware.