Library Offers Audio Books on iPod shuffle to Patrons

The South Huntington Public Library on Long Island, New York is one the first libraries in the country to loan out audio books on iPod shuffles, according to Wired News.

Members of the library can currently check out one of 11 books in audio format that the library obtained through the iTunes Music, each of which is on an iPod shuffle. The library ran a pilot program for the last three weeks with six loaner iPod shuffles, and is now expanding the program to 10 units.

"Itis the right product with the right price," library director Ken Weil told Wired News. "We said that this is a great way of getting these out to the public."

While it may seem odd to put an audio book (with individual chapters) on a device without a display for users who arenit already comfortable with the interface, library officials told Wired News that patrons have had a good experience with them, including some of its older patrons.

The checkout includes a cassette adapter, as well as an FM transmitter, for listening to the books in a car, and those who check out the units have to use their own headphones for sanitary reasons.

There is more information in the full article at Wired News.