Second Beta Release Of Web Development Tool Active4D

Aparita Fishman has released a second beta version of Active4D, bringing it to version 2.0b6. Active4D is a Web development tool that uses server-side embedded scripting language. The beta version has new features including a ready to run HTTP server and virtual hosting. According to Aparita Fishman:

Aparajita Fishman of Victory-Heart Productions today announced the release of the second public beta of Active4D 2.0.

This new version brings several enhancements to Active4D, including support for shortcuts on Windows, as well as fixing all known issues.

Active4D 2.0 is a server-side embedded scripting language for 4th Dimension which brings the industry-leading functionality of Microsoftis Active Server Pages to the 4D environment. Active4D 2.0 includes an all-new 270-page PDF Reference Manual.

Features of Active4D 2

Out of the box, Active4D gives the 4D web developer:

  • A ready to run HTTP server with virtual hosting and advanced security features
  • A blazing fast, fully dynamic embedded scripting engine which executes real 4D code
  • Over 200 new web-focused commands to increase your productivity
  • Automatic, world-class session support
  • Transparent cookie and file upload support
  • A host of both client-side and server-side debugging tools

You can find more information about the second beta version of Active4D at the Aparita Fishman Web site. The beta version of Active4D 2.0 is available for US$99.00.