X Overload Updated With Display Enhancements

The X Overload Development Team has released an update for X Overload, bringing it to version 1.1. X Overload is an extension management app designed for Classic system folder management within OS X. The update features several bug fixes and improved display enhancements. According to the X Overload Development Team:

Announcing the release of X Overload v1.1.

X Overload is an application that allows you to manage items in Classic system folder and library folders in Mac OS X.

X Overload allows you to manage Apple Menu Items, Contextual Menu Items, Control Panels, Control Strips Modules, Extensions, Fonts, Startup Items, Internet Plug-ins located inside Classic system folder. You can also search or browser the database for error code.

Bugs fixed for version 1.1:

  • Fixed bug enabling/disabling Context Menu Items from the User enabled/disabled folder. User could not enable/disable them
  • Users only have to login once now at begining of program to get Admin access (unless useris enable/disable items in the Local or System folders)
  • Fixed a couple of spelling errors

New features:

  • Added new text items to show the number of items for the different data types, also shows the number enabled and disabled
  • Added new spinning wheel to show the program is busy doing something (this gets rid of the beach ball cursor)
  • Faster display of displaying data, and sorting of data

You can find more information about the X Overload update at the X Overload Web site. X Overload is available shareware for US$20.00