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Now Software, once the name in PIM applications for the Mac, announced on Monday that it is officially out of business. The company was well known for its Now Contact and Now Up To Date applications, but hadn’t released any updates for the products for several years.

In a statement on the company Web site, company boss John Wallace said “It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to suspend Now Software’s day-to-day operations… At this point I have released all of Now Software’s staff and am beginning the process of working with the courts and our creditors until all is resolved.”

Now had been promising a new version of its Now applications, code named Nighthawk, for the past few years, but the project never materialized. “This was a massive undertaking — too massive for our resources — and the current income to the company isn’t sufficient for us to continue development, marketing, sales, and support of our products,” Mr. Wallace said.

Resources for current customers, such as application downloads and contact information is available at the Now Web site.

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That’s too bad. I used to be a big fan of the Now Utilities package, Now Up-to_Date and Rewind.

Fondly remembered.


Ditto Bilbo, they will be fondly remembered.


Welcome to cloud computing. There will be allot more following Now. Just a matter of time.

Why do people buy software and then kill the product?  Statview statistics software was bought by SAS, I think, and allowed to die.  MacSpin, one of the most imaginative exploratory software packages ever, was bought and allowed to die.  Now Software was bought and at least they tried to make it continue.

It was not the economy, but the fact that the buyer did not know what he was buying or what to do with it.  Very sad.


All that’s needed to really finish this off is for the company to sell Now X to SmithMicro, where products that used to be good go to be milked for every last dollar they can possibly wring out of them.



John Wallace, I believe, was the founder and original author of the NOW product line. He was the brains behind the innovative next generation Nighthawk product as well. We have sat down and talked about his product a number of times, and he is a brilliant man, passionate about where the product was going, and the quality level that it needed to have to compete and move above their historical products and their competition.

I for one, am sad to see it go, especially the spark that John had for his “baby”.


How can you call something that never existed innovative?

Doug Hanley

There are solid alternatives out there for Now including Daylite by Marketcircle.


Makes me glad I chose not to preorder Now Up to Date and Now Contact 5. I wonder if the brave souls who did preorder the products will be getting a refund?

John Adams

@bearcatrp: cloud computing sucks.  There isnt one safe thing about it.  Do you really believe that its going to last?  Its nothing new, actually - just a new buzz term.  I wouldnt trust my enemy’s data on someone else’s machine.  I want my data on my machine, backed up to my backup devices, stored in my own safe, retrieve by my own self.  NO ONE ELSE is going to have access to my data.  Its bad enough we have our data spread around the globe now.  This latest fad, “cloud” computing, will not last.

John Adams  Buy your competition’s product, convert their customers to your product, enhance your product with some of the nicer features of the competing product, kill the competing product, reap the rewards of a larger install base.

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