A Pixar Artist on Testing Apple’s New Mac Pro (w/out Seeing It)

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You've probably seen Apple's new Mac Pro. It's gorgeous. It's sexy. It's powerful, too, according to some people who have been working the device in recent weeks. In an Apple video called "Painting the Future," the lead developer of 3D rendering tool MARI and an artist at Pixar both talked the Mac Pro and how powerful it is.

Access to the video requires a free or paid developer account, and is well worth spending the time to watch.

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Nice piece.  This machine will also receive a very warm reception in the scientific community - there are a substantial number of scientists who do very computationally intensive work.

Ask John - he knows…


Something’s wrong with that second picture… The display doesn’t match the computer!

I’m willing to bet pretty money that this will be addressed before TheNewMacPro launches :–Â


@LeFrancoy doesn’t match as in you’re expecting a black back display later this year?

Looks like he’s using the new iMac in target display mode.


Every time I try to access the video, it makes me sign in with my Apple ID, and then nothing. How can I get to the video?

Bryan Chaffin

akcarver, you have to be a registered developer to view it. The entry level registered developer account is free and doesn’t include access to beta OS downloads.

Just FYI. smile


Then this article is a breach of Apple’s Non Disclosure Agreement surely?


I HAVE registered as a developer. I can’t see the vids for this year, only past years.


Never mind, I’m in.


The Apple video is listed as “Painting the Future.”


“captainulf: Then this article is a breach of Apple’s Non Disclosure Agreement surely?”

An NDA for whom?

How many NDA forms have you had to sign?

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