A Relative Look at Apple’s Cash Reserves

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There was much discussion in the tech community last week following Apple’s record-breaking earnings report. One highlight was the Cupertino-based company’s announcement that they now have over US$97 billion in cash. 

While Apple doesn’t have any immediate plans for the money and the company isn’t “letting it burn a hole in [its] pockets,” as CFO Peter Oppenheimer commented, it is still a difficult sum to comprehend. Luckily, the folks over at MBA Online have created an infographic that puts Apple’s cash reserves in perspective, while paying homage to the great Johnny Cash.

Apple's Cash
Created by: MBA Online

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Lee Dronick

Dramatic graphic! The numbers speak for themselves, but this really brings them out. I see that you all didn’t create it, but The MacObserver often does very good ones.

The Apple future and what they do with the money is going to be very interesting.

Dorje Sylas

You know what could do with that money? Go private and buy back its stocks. That way they really wouldn’t have to care about what other people think about their performance at press events or with new products.

Lee Dronick

You know what could do with that money? Go private and buy back its stocks.

Buy Adobe first and clean up that rat’s nest of Creative Suite code. smile


Buy Adobe first and clean up that rat?s nest of Creative Suite code.

IIRC, Lee, you’ve mentioned that before!!

I’d say buy Google and shut android down.  Probably wouldn’t go over well with the US Government though, at least not until Windows Phone picks up more market share…


How about buying NetFlix?  What an awesome way to get control over streaming content for devices and Apple TV!

Lee Dronick

IIRC, Lee, you?ve mentioned that before!!

It bears repeating, the squeaky wheel and all of that. I just get tired of upgrading Creative Suite because of an update or upgrade of OSX. Usually it is just few things that break, but enough to be annoying. A few years ago I had to do some jobs in Pages, because InDesign was burning on the beach, and I discovered that it is a lot of potential and good enough for the 24 page documents I was laying out.

I?d say buy Google and shut android down.

One shouldn’t correct an enemy when they are making mistakes smile

How about buying NetFlix?? What an awesome way to get control over streaming content for devices and Apple TV!

Buy unlimited bandwidth from ISPs for customers using the iTunes Store. Maybe cut a deal with AT&T for their Uverse.


The comparison to Walmart is misleading.  Walmart is a retailer, Apple is a manufacturer. Walmart buys stuff (soap, diapers, CDs), when they sell the stuff it’s exactly the same (still soap, still diapers , still CDs.).  Apple buys stuff (LCD screens, microprocessors, etc.), when they sell stuff, they’ve been transformed into more valuable stuff (iPhones, iPads, Macs).

In short, manufacturers create more added value than retailers and that normally translates into higher rates of profit.  It is meaningless to compare retailers to manufacturers.


howdy y’all,

for another look, try this XKCD money chart.

apple is in the top center of the “billions” section, under “corporations”. it’s from 2011-11, so it is a tad out of date. still, rather nifty. here’s the forum thread if you get interested ...

take care,

Pete Baker

How about fucking lowering the price of your shit?  Why do I have to pay premium bucks to fatten your already fatest-in-the-world wallet?  Damn - Occupy should be protesting the SHIT out of Apple!  Talk about your greedy bastards!

This kind of greed and hording makes Microsoft look generous!

Paul Goodwin

MS Windows Premium Home Edition. $119
Mac OS 10.7.  $29

MS Office Home and Business $199
Apple iWork $79

MS doesn’t make computers, but get a PC with the equivalent quality of materials and construction, processor, memory, display, HDD, Graphics card, and the difference in price is less than what you’ll spend on virus protection software. Yes, you can get PCs cheaper, but they’re just that cheaper.

Get a Mac- Best computer to run Windows on: the one that will run that, plus Mac OS, plus Linux

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