AAPL Earnings Reports May Hint at CFO Oppenheimer Retiring

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer has been on the Job since 2004, and Forbes thinks the company has been dropping hints through its earnings report conference calls that he's ready to retire. If so, that announcement may be coming today during Apple's annual shareholder meeting.

Forbes thinks Luca Maestri will be Apple's new CFO after Peter Oppenheimer retiresForbes thinks Luca Maestri will be Apple's new CFO after Peter Oppenheimer retires

Chuck Jones writing at Forbes said the signs are there for Mr. Oppenheimer's retirement, and it wouldn't be a surprise if the announcement did come today. He expects Apple's Corporate Controller Luca Maestri will be named as his replacement.

"Prior to the previous two earnings conference calls Gary Wipfler, Apple's Treasurer, was usually the only other executive besides Oppenheimer and Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, who were on the calls," he said. "Starting with the October 2013 call Luca Maestri, Apple's Corporate Controller, has been on the calls and for the January 2014 conference call he handled questions about operating expenses and margins."

What we haven't seen publicly, according to Mr. Jones, is whether or not Mr. Maestri has been handling institutional investor meetings. If so, that's another indicator that Mr. Oppenheimer is ready to retire.

Mr. Maestri served as CFO at Xerox before joining Apple as Corporate Controller. Since coming to Apple he has worked under Mr. Oppenheimer handling accounting and financial responsibilities. Prior to his work at Xerox, Mr. Maestri was CFO for Nokia Siemens.

Apple hasn't offered up any outward indications that Mr. Oppenheimer is retiring, or that any sort of announcement will come during todays annual shareholder meeting. If he is ready to step down, it looks like everything is in place for a smooth transition to Mr. Maestri taking over as the new CFO -- today, next month, or whenever Mr. Oppenheimer really is ready to pack it in.