AAPL Continues Advance, Closes at $358

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Shares in Apple Inc. continued their advance Wednesday, ending the day at still another record high of US$358.16, up $2.96 (+0.83%), on moderately strong volume of 17.2 million shares trading hands. This is the second record high closing in a row, both amidst mixed results from other tech stocks.

Apple Chart

Shares in HP gained on the company’s news that it would release a WebOS tablet called the TouchPad sometime this summer. HPQ ended the day at $48.94, up $0.80 (+1.66%), on moderately strong volume of 19.3 million shares trading hands. Investors may also have been interested in HP’s plans to bring WebOS to computers at some point.

In the meanwhile, Microsoft dipped to $27.97, down $0.3125 (-1.10%); Intel slipped to $21.46, down $0.175 (-0.81%); Google ended lower at $616.50, off by 1.88 (-0.30%); and IBM was lower, ending the day at $164.65, down $1.40 (-0.84%).

For those keeping score at home Apple is now worth $330 billion.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a small share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.

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Lee Dronick
Neil Anderson

AAPL’s market cap soon to be $100 billion more than MSFT.

Constable Odo

said on February 9th, 2011 at 7:50 PM:

See this story about Bill Gates selling a lot of his MSFT shares

He’s selling his Microsoft shares to buy Apple shares.


I’m surprised Apple’s hasn’t shot up some $20 to $30 in the last two weeks.

Why? The first reason, the Verizon iPhone.

The 2nd, and really important reason, one that people still don’t fully understand, is that Google’s tablet OS is a forked version of Android. What does this mean? More fragmentation and huge headaches for developers. Even the backward compatibility of current apps is in question.

Just imagine if developers have to re-write 50% or more of their code just for the Motorola XOOM! A $800 device that might not even sell well.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Just imagine if developers have to re-write 50% or more of their code just for the Motorola XOOM!

You apparently have. In reality, most of the existing apps will run on Xoom without any modification whatsoever. Some will even know how to scale seamlessly to the new screen size.


Boy, this is gonna irk some people:

“Verizon hasn’t officially released numbers for its first round of iPhone sales, but some estimates put the figure north of half a million units. This and other news drove Apple shares to a new high on Tuesday, and some analysts were left to conclude Apple may very well be the most valuable company in the world within a year’s time.”


Hey guys following aapl very closely now for quite a while any 1 2 3 4th quarter share price estimates pushing it through your business models…
rgds Rog

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