AAPL Gains in Afterhours Market - $348 Per Share

| Apple Stock Watch

Shares in Apple Inc. traded higher in the afterhours market, as investors reacted positively to the company’s Q1 earnings report in which the company posted another record quarter. As of this writing, the stock was trading at US$348.51 per share, up $7.86 (+2.31%), and was trading as high as $352 per share.

The Mac Observer is currently working on live coverage of the company’s conference call with analysts.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a small share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.  

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Is it too self-serving to say I told you so? (for those who didn’t read my post earlier this morning, this was a forgone conclusion and the whole reason the SJ leave of absence was announced yesterday)

Lee Dronick

But, but, but, but Steve on a medical leave of absence. /whine


Is it too self-serving to say I told you so?

Nope not a bit. Especially to those that were talking about shareholder suits.


Wouldn’t it be funny, when AAPL gets to $400, SJ asks for 80-to-1 split to drop the stock price to $5.  Then, since everyone’s psychologically attuned to having AAPL in the hundreds, gets the price raised to, say, $40 in a week or so, and then $80 in another week or two….


Enjoy it now, but just wait until those android tablets come out…  Boy, Apple will be in trouble!!



What…When Android tablets come out will Apple cease having profits?

hahahahahahahahahaa. That makes me laugh.

Apple will probably sell close to 100 million or 120 million iOS devices this year. What will their record revenues be next year? Double this year?

It sure sucks to be Apple. I better not buy any stock.

Androids will maybe sell 240 million. Great for them too.

I love emerging markets.


Paikinho, I was being sarcastic.  Thus, the winking smiley face.


Sorry, skimmed too fast and didn’t notice. Cardinal sin #43 ... ill fitting response due to lethargic eye!


No worries.  I was a bit vague!!  Taking my normal cheap shots at the Apple critics that frequent these pages…

Some actually predict Apple to die a slow death as android takes over 90% of cell phone market and 75% of tablet market this year.  Funny stuff.


Android could take over 90% of the market, but I think it would be more like 75%. But Apple will still be the largest overall producer and its profits off of each device will 2-3x as the Android makers cuisinart themselves competing over that lower end market. There could be considerable fragmentation. And still the Android makers are hobbled by the OS production cycle that is beyond their control.

In the Media Tablet Market, the iPad will be the defacto standard because of ease of use and security issues. Also it will be the standard because there is only 1 type. Android tablet makers will introduce lots of inconsistencies and different capabilities in their devices. But the long term life of their devices will be shorter.

Android tabs likely will dominate the part of the cheap market that currently makes up netbooks… folks who want a cheap computer. The iPad will have better permeation of specific markets like Education, Music, Medical etc.

For Apple the benefit is they make money off of Apps, Advertising, and Hardware. Pretty sound business model and nobody else really seems to get it.

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