AAPL Tops $100

| Apple Stock Watch

Apple's stock finally topped the US$100 mark on Monday morning, after hovering in the high $90 range at the end of last week. The company's 52 week range has taking its daily closing price as low as $78.20 and as high as $192.24.

The Mac and iPhone maker's stock has been slowly climbing for the past few weeks, and has maintained that general upward trend since its first fiscal quarter earnings report for 2009. The company reported 6.9 billion in revenue and a net quarterly profit of $1.58 billion.

Apple also reported selling some 2.524 million Macs during the quarter, showing an increase in computer sales when other PC makers have been seeing a decline

Apple last topped $100 on December 9, 2008, when the stock hit $100.06. Apple is currently trading at $102.24, up 2.52 (2.53%).

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Just for comparison:

Dell   $9.6
MSFT $19.45
HPQ $36.30
IBM $96.91
PALM $8.24
RIMM $59.24
and lest we not forget the bottom feeding:
General Motors $2.89

Bryan Chaffin

tiger, it’s important to remember that a per-share price comparison between any two companies is comparing apples to oranges (pun intended smile, unless they have the same number of shares outstanding.

Market cap is a more accurate comparison in determining what the markets think a company is worth.

For instance, Apple’s market cap is currently $91.2 billion.
Microsoft’s is $172.3 billion.
IBM: $129.3 billion

Apple does, however, have a higher market cap than RIMM, HPQ, and PALM.

Oh, and Dell’s is a mere $18.6 billion. smile


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