Aatma Studio Offers Cool iPad 3 Concept Video

Aatma Studio has published a very cool concept video on what it thinks the iPad 3 could—or it wishes would—bring to market, including edge-to-edge screen, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC), and a 3D holographic display for multiplayer games.

We should stress that the company isn’t claiming that it has iPad 3 models. This is a purely a concept video using CGI effects to present a sort of wish list for features ranging from the plausible to “yeah, right.” It’s a very well made video, however, and with anticipation for Apple’s March 7th iPad event building to a fever pitch, we wanted to offer it to you for your enjoyment.

Aatma Studio iPad 3 Concept Video

On the plausible, if slightly impractical, side there’s the edge-to-edge screen. That’s something Apple could do, but it would mean that there’s nowhere for users to hold their iPad 3 without their fingers touching, and therefore interacting, with the display. The inclusion of NFC capabilities is also a possibility, though Apple has yet to embrace the technology.

On the less likely, but still vaguely possible, side, we have the super strong magnets on the side that allow two iPads to stick together and then act as one display. If any company could make such technology work, it’s Apple, but we aren’t holding our breath.

On the “yeah, right” side, we have the the 3D holographic display that the iPad beams out from somewhere to turn nearby surfaces into insta-controllers. It ain’t happening, as someone once said, but it is very fun to watch!