Accessory Gifts For Dads And Grads, Part 2

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This is part two of the three part series on accessory gift suggestions for dads and grads. Keeping in mind that grads come in all ages, there is at least one wacky suggestion that the young or young at heart might like, and I have included suggestions for powerful protection for “i” products, and a unique option for a safety power strip.  Check them all out.



Otterbox is known for its heavy-duty cases and the Reflex series for iPhone 4 combines that rugged toughness with attractive style and polish. It is compact, lightweight and fairly slim, and is available in glacier blue plastic and black silicone, hot pink plastic and black silicone, black, and envy plastic and black silicone. MSRP US$44.95.  TMO Review




The Wet Circuits Safety Power Strip! is a 1650 watt 4-outlet power strip and surge protector that is water resistant. It also offers child safety features, overheating protection, and extra long life. Ordinarily liquid spilled on power strips can ruin sensitive electronic equipment. Not a glamorous gift, but perhaps a very welcome one.  MSRP US$70.00.




The iPad HandStand from Hub International is available for both generations of the iPad. The ergonomically designed HandStand can be used to hold the iPad in one hand for demo or work purposes, or it can function as a stand for table top use. When held with one hand, using the heavy duty strap, the iPad can be rotated 360 degrees. MSRP US$49.95  TMO Review





If you are looking for something a bit wacky and inexpensive, check out the noise-canceling Helix Earphones from Wicked Audio. These earphones fit inside the ear and have clips that go over the outside of the ear so that the earphones stay snugly in place while users jump, dance, and groove. There are three color combinations available:  orange and blue, black and white, and red and yellow.  MSRP US$14.95 Available at The Ear Bud Store.





The Platten Headphones series by Urbanears are full size headphones with classy packaging, funky design, outstanding colors, and fantastic sound. They fold down to the size of a fist for maximum mobility and they’re comfortable to wear as well.  MSRP US$60.00  TMO Review






If your gift recipient spends a lot of time at the computer, consider a Whirl Mini Laser Mouse from Smartfish Technologies. This wireless mouse features “anti-gravity” comfort with pivot ErgoMotion. The full size mouse sits on a flat platform, 1.5-in above the table top. This design feature reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries by adding motion. Instead of your hand and wrist remaining in a fixed position, the mouse adapts to your natural hand movements.  MSRP US$49.95  TMO Review


Shopping for a gamer who has an iPad? Take a look at the Fling from Ten 1 Design. Fling is a joystick for iPad. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick. I saw these demonstrated at Macworld 2011 and brought some home for door prizes. The gamers in our user group went nuts over them. MSRP US$19.95 for one, US$29.95 for two pack.




That’s it for part two. Have you found the perfect gift idea yet? If not, check back tomorrow for part three.

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Many thanks for these suggestions. My plan is to show these to my wife and ask which of these she thinks would be appropriate for our graduating daughter (I’m seeing the pink Platten headphones here). I’ll let the ‘dad’ part just hang there. If she doesn’t take the bait, then I’ll have to decloak my secondary intentions.

I like the Marware iPad case, however there is an iPad shoulder tote I saw on Twitter-feed (comes in different colours), with room for iPhone and peripherals that, for the life of me, I cannot now find - thought I had bookmarked. The cost was something like US $49. If that rings any bells, please let me know.

Nancy Gravley

Glad you find them helpful and The Platten headphones are awesome.  I have no help to offer on your hunt for the iPad shoulder tote.  I did a quick search and there are hundreds in all colors, styles and prices.

Go for the Marware case and then later beg for a shoulder tote to carry both.  Think big.

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