Accessory Gifts For Dads And Grads, Part 3

This is the final entry in a three part series of Mac related accessory gift ideas for dads and grads. Check out part one and part two to see the whole array. There are ideas for high school and university grads as well dads, so there are lots of gifts to consider.



XtremeMac has two car charger products that should make very popular gifts for Mac lovers. The first is the Incharge Auto USB. It works with iPod, iPhone and iPad, providing 10 watts for fast powering. This model includes a detachable USB cable that can also be used with a computer.  MSRP US$24.99




The second XtremeMac product, the Incharge Auto AUX, has all the features of the USB version and also offers a 3.5mm auxiliary jack so that you can continue listening to your iPod, iPhone or iPad while it’s charging.  MSRP US$49.99




The Otterbox Defender Series has a new case for the iPad 2, Defender Series iPad 2 Case, that will protect the iPad from hail, drops to the floor, and the most ferocious four year old. With the usual toughness associated with Otterbox products these cases utilize multi-layer technology and are designed for almost any environment, while granting access to all necessary ports. The case comes in four parts and the company sponsors a YouTube movie that demonstrates how to accurately put the case together. The top cover of the case also serves as a stand for viewing or typing.  MSRP US$89.95.  TMO Review



If you are looking for something unique, consider the Keyport Slide from Keyport. This unit weighs two ounces and houses up to six different key blades that can be accessed with a slide of a finger. One of those key blades can be a 4 or 8 GB USB Flash drive. Key blades are set to match customer’s keys. Available in a gift package that lets recipient provide key blade information after receiving initial unit. Prices vary depending on selections.  MSRP US$49.99




Good earphones are always a welcome gift, particularly when they are reasonably priced. If you have several gifts to give for graduation you can stock up on these stereo earTones with an integrated microphone with remote control from iSkin. For one thing you have a lot more flexibility about what kinds of toys your recipients have because these work with iOS, Mac, and BlackBerry devices. They also come in an assortment of colors (red, pink, blue, purple, black, and gray). MSRP US$39.99




For the highschool grad heading for college or the dad who works from his iPad, the Zaggmate Case from ZAGG may be the perfect gift. There are versions for both the iPad and iPad2. When open, it holds the iPad up for viewing and provides a fully functional keyboard. When closed it provides a secure protective case.  MSRP US$99.99  TMO Review



If nothing has caught your interest then you can fall back on the fail safe gift for any Mac lover - an iTunes gift card. Not only can the recipient get music and movies, now they can get books as well. iTunes cards are available at prices starting at US$15 up and have logos featuring the Beatles, iBooks, and the traditional music designs.  And look around at your local grocery and big box stores. Frequently you can find a sale on iTunes cards.



Have fun remembering dad for all he does for you and applauding the grads in your life for their accomplishments.