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Acclivity announced Tuesday that it was bringing AccountEdge back to the Canadian business market after an eight-year absence. AccountEdge is aimed at small businesses, and the company is releasing two versions for the Canadian market, AccountEdge itself and AccountEdge Network Edition, which includes multi-user support across a network.

"We've been wanting to re-introduce AccountEdge back into Canada for a long time," Todd Salkovitz, Product Evangelist for Acclivity, said in a statement. "For years, the Canadian Mac small business community has been letting us know loud and clear that Canadians using Macs deserve world-class software and I'm happy to finally be able to say that we've made it happen."

New features include a new command center (or command centre for our Canadian readers), a Task List, a sliding drawer for frequently used tools, and new reports. In addition, the software now includes Address Book Syncing, iCal integration, MobileMe backup, improved AppleScript capability, better reporting, and integration with Checkout and Daylite.

The company also said that a Windows version of the software would be released in Canada in 2010.

AccountEdge is priced at US$399 (CN$465.25 as of this writing), while AccountEdge Network Edition is priced at $549 (CN$640.16).Pricing and Availability


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Well, the reason why you couldn’t sell AccountEdge in Canada was…BECAUSE YOU SOLD OUT TO INTUIT!  You took a wad of cash from Intuit in exchange for giving them the right to distribute AccountEdge in Canada, which they promptly stopped doing.


A few years ago, the US operations of MYOB Limited separated and became their own company, named Acclivity. We retained the rights to develop and sell AccountEdge into the US and Canada, but we have no other connection to MYOB Limited.

While MYOB Limited made a decision eight years ago to exit the Canadian market, Acclivity has been working behind the scenes for almost as long to return to Canada. With a new Mac release and a planned Windows release for 2010, it’s our goal to build a sustainable business that allows us to make great small business software for Canada for many years to come.

Todd S.
Acclivity LLC

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